Greg Jarrett Biography and Career

Greg Jarrett, a multifaceted media personality, currently serves as a co-host for Bloomberg Best on Bloomberg Radio. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Jarrett held prominent positions in the radio industry, including being a morning host at WGN in Chicago and an anchor, host, and correspondent at KGO Radio in San Francisco. His experience also extends to the realm of television, where he worked as a correspondent for ABC News.

Throughout his career, Jarrett has been involved in covering significant global events, showcasing his expertise as a journalist. He reported on notable occurrences such as Operation Desert Storm, the invasion of Somalia, and the final Bush-Gorbachev Summit held in Moscow. These assignments provided him with valuable insights into international affairs and allowed him to share important stories with the public.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jarrett possesses a diverse range of skills and interests. He holds a pilot’s license, demonstrating his passion for aviation. Moreover, he is an advanced open-water diver, exploring the depths of the ocean, and a parachute jumpmaster, showcasing his adventurous spirit.

Greg Jarrett’s extensive background in radio, television, and journalism, along with his remarkable skill set and experiences, make him a well-rounded and dynamic media personality in the industry.

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