Guy Johnson Biography and Career

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Guy Johnson is a highly respected figure in financial journalism, currently serving as the co-anchor for “Bloomberg Markets” and “Bloomberg Markets: European Close” on Bloomberg Television, as well as hosting “The Cable” on Bloomberg Radio. Based in London, he presents insightful coverage of the most significant business, economic, and market-moving stories from around the globe.

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With close to two decades of experience in the financial broadcast industry, Johnson brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Prior to joining Bloomberg in 2012, he held a prominent position as an anchor at CNBC Europe. Earlier in his career, he reported for Financial Times Television and ITN (Channel 5), further honing his skills as a financial journalist.

Throughout his illustrious career, Johnson has covered pivotal economic, corporate, and political events that have shaped the world. From the European Financial Crisis to the Dotcom bubble and even the election of Donald Trump, he has provided insightful analysis and reporting on these significant developments.

Furthermore, Johnson has showcased his deep knowledge of the aerospace sector through extensive coverage of its landmark events. Notably, he reported on the development and inaugural flight of the Airbus A380, contributing to his comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Educationally, Johnson holds a degree in Politics and International Relations from Lancaster University, which has undoubtedly contributed to his understanding of the geopolitical dynamics that impact global markets and economies.