Hannah Kliger Biography and Career

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In May 2022, Hannah Kliger joined the esteemed CBS New York team as a dedicated reporter, focusing her coverage on the vibrant borough of Brooklyn. Being a native New Yorker herself, Hannah has garnered numerous accolades for her outstanding investigative journalism, shedding light on various issues affecting Brooklynites, including hate crimes and housing rental scams.

Before her tenure at WCBS, Hannah dedicated six years of her career as a versatile general assignment reporter at News 12 Brooklyn. Her exceptional skills and passion for investigative reporting led her to join the esteemed News 12 investigative team. Notably, her impactful work on the network-wide series “Hate at Home” garnered significant recognition and received several prestigious awards.

Hannah’s academic journey led her to graduate with honors from New York University, where she pursued a major in Broadcast Journalism and another in Political Science. Her drive to become a journalist was ingrained from a young age, as she hails from a family of Soviet dissidents who sought refuge in Coney Island, Brooklyn, escaping persecution and censorship.

Even as a child, Hannah displayed an unwavering fascination with news, often found glued to the TV during significant events, including those following the tragic events of 9/11. Notably, she is fluent in Russian, a testament to her heritage.

Beyond her journalistic endeavors, Hannah has achieved great success as a national champion in competitive ballroom dance at the remarkable age of 16. In her leisure time, she finds solace and joy in gardening and skiing, engaging in these fulfilling activities.

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