Jeff Bellinger Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

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Jeff Bellinger is a seasoned journalist who focuses on business and financial news for Bloomberg Radio. With his wealth of experience, he has established himself as a trusted source for reliable and timely reporting in the field.

Before delving into radio news, Bellinger spent approximately five years working in music radio. However, his passion for news eventually led him to transition to radio newsrooms in Toronto, Albany, and Hartford. Following this, he was recruited by the Financial News Network to contribute to the establishment of a new business radio network.

This marked the beginning of his extensive career spanning 25 years, during which he covered business and financial news for reputable outlets such as CNBC, ABC-BusinessWeek, and the Wall Street Journal Radio Networks, before joining Bloomberg.

Beyond his impressive journalism career, Bellinger has a diverse background. He has previously served as a paramedic and volunteered as a firefighter, showcasing his commitment to public service. Additionally, collecting music has been a lifelong hobby of his, further highlighting his wide-ranging interests.

In summary, Jeff Bellinger’s biography reflects his successful journey as a prominent journalist specializing in business and financial news. His extensive experience and dedication to delivering accurate and insightful reporting have made him a valued contributor to Bloomberg Radio.

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