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Jennifer Nicole Lee Biography

Jennifer Nicole Lee born Jennifer Nicole Siciliano is an American television personality fitness model, motivational speaker,author. She is a power pitch woman being the name/face/and body of all of her lifestyle brands, wellness products, exercise equipment, DVDs, home, bath, bedding, spa, electronic downloads, and websites.

Lee earned a Bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She serves as the pitch-person for the Ab Circle Pro trainer on the TV infomercial circuit, it is seen nationally in the US. She is also noted as as a top fitness model who has won several fitness and entertainment awards over the course of her fitness career.

She describes herself as having “no athletic background whatsoever.” She has struggled with her weight her entire life. Lee weighed 170 pounds when she got married. She continued to gain weight during both of her pregnancies. Eventually, she reached 200 pounds after the birth of her second child.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Age

She was born Jennifer Nicole Siciliano on June 13, 1975 in Rochester, New York, U.S.

Jennifer Nicole

Jennifer Nicole Lee Family

She was born in Rochester, New York, to Italian immigrants. Her family later moved to Tennessee.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Husband | Dating

Lee is currently a single mother. She has not been engaged to someone else after exiting her first marriage.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Edward Lee | Divorce

She got married to Edward Lee in 1997. Together they have two sons but later divorced in 2014.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Children | Sons

Jennifer has two sons with Edward Lee, Jayden Lee and Dylan Lee.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Weight Loss

Before starting to work out and diet, Nicole Lee was very overweight, she was weighing over 200 pounds. She gained the weight after she gave birth to her baby boy.

Lee taught herself how to exercise properly and how to eat healthily to lose weight.

Fitness Jennifer Nicole Lee

She lost 70 pounds and was crowned “Miss Bikini America” in 1996. She then launched a career as a “fitness guru”. In January 2004,she founded JNL, Inc. (now JNL, Inc. Worldwide).
In March 2011,she opened the Fitness Model Factory in Miami, Florida. A production studio containing photography and videography studios, hair and makeup styling, and coaching for fitness models.

She is the creator of a fitness program called JNL Fusion. It emphasizes “super spiking,” or the introduction of cardio between weight training exercises. Nicole states that JNL Fusion is designed after her very own workout routine, there are 4 training sessions of 45 minutes each per week. The target audience are women.

It is a home exercise system and DVD set which requires several small pieces of equipment. The program has a certification program for personal trainers. Jennifer recruits and educates the trainers. The program uses mottos like “glutes that salute” and “fab abs.” Lee also holds an annual wellness retreat known as the JNL Fusion World Conference & Fitness Revival.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Workout

Perky and taut butts, streamlined legs, and arms of Jennifer are the testimony of smart and high-intensity exercises Jennifer does in routine. The brunette contends it’s not the quantity of workouts you do which influence your body. It is the quality, intensity, and technique of workouts which creates the difference or influence your body not quantity of the workouts. She executes workouts four times in a week. Lee also dedicates three days to strength training, this renders definition to her muscles.

Lee also performs cardio exercises such as swimming, running, rope skipping, etc. to keep up good health of her heart. She particularly points up rope jumping and refers to it as an incredible workout which then tones her legs and butts. She says that ten minutes of rope skipping provides benefits equivalent to the ones provided by thirty minutes of running. She concludes that variation in workouts is the key. You keep also varying your workouts to avoid boredom and ennui. When she feels stressed out at times, she turns to yoga to shake off stress. Lee acknowledges weighted lunges to provide a quick lift to the butt and lower body. The powerful weighted lunges offer complete workout. They tone your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and even your lower back and abs.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet

JNL’s inspirational weight loss success story has motivated millions worldwide.  She is the world’s top fitness model, and now she will show YOU the way!
Now it’s YOUR turn to become the new “fitness model” you—sexy, strong, and sleek!

In JNL’s Fitness Model Diet, she reveals and shares her top trade secrets of the Super Fitness Model life:


  • Discover super fitness model beauty secrets
  • Explore JNL’s all-time favorite and fail proof workouts
  • Get two weeks worth of JNL’s fitness model recipes and food plans to help you blast fat off fast, revealing feminine muscle tone


JNL shows you how to:

  • Build a successful fitness modeling career
  • Prepare for a great photo shoot with fitness model Must-Do’s
  • Make a big name for yourself in the fitness modeling industry

Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan

Fueling the body is the focus of the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet plan. You keep your metabolism up by eating more often and taking fewer calories. Including healthy foods and eating every few hours.

Below is an example of a daily meal from the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan:

Breakfast: 1 ½ cup cottage cheese, ½ cup fruit cocktail
AM Snack: 1 medium apple, 1 small banana
Lunch: 3 ounces lean turkey breast, 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 1 slice low fat cheese, 1 tsp. low-fat mayo, 1 medium apple
PM Snack: 2 slices 7 grain rye bread, 4 tsp jelly, 2 T peanut butter
Dinner: 4 ounce chicken breast, 1 ½ cup cooked rice, 4 T reduced calorie salad dressing, 1 small garden salad.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Books

  • When You Are Stuck in a Rut & Need a Motivational Kick in the Butt
  • The Mind, Body & Soul Diet: Your Complete Transformational Guide to Health, Healing & Happiness
  • JOLT OF JNL: Compilation of Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Best Motivational Quotes Accompanied by Visual Inspir
  • The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet
  • When You Are Stuck in a Rut & Need a Motivational Kick in the Butt-READ THIS BOOK!:
  • World’s Most Inspirational Stories to Help You to Believe & Never Give Up!
  • Ab Circle Pro: 3 Minute Express Workout, Jennifer Cole Lee, DVD (Ab Circle Pro)
  • Crack the Code: Unlock Your Fat-Burning and Weight-Loss Potential: Blast Fat, Burn Calories, Rev Up Your Metabolism, and Stoke Your Fat Burning Furnace to Look & Feel Your Best
  • The Jennifer Nicole Lee Sexy Body Diet: JNL’s Secrets to Living a Fun, Fit, & Fierce Lifestyle!
  • The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fun Fit Foodie Cookbook: Fun Fit Foodie Cookbook
  • When You Are Stuck in a Rut & Need a Motivational Kick in the Butt,READ THIS BOOK: It Just Might Save Your Life! Volume 2
  • The Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Model Program: JNL’s Complete Lifestyle Guide to a Beautiful Bikini Model Body
  • Descifra El Codigo: Conoce Como Obtener Tu Maximo Potencial En La Perdida De Peso Y Quema La Grasa De Manera Efectiva Y Definitiva (Spanish Edition)
  • Ab Circle Pro: 12 Minutes to Awesome Abs–Intermediate Workout
  • Foot Steps to Success: How to Be Fit and Successful in All Areas of Your Life

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