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Jessi Combs Biography

Jessi Combs was an American TV personality and metal fabricator. She was born on July 27th, 1983. She has appeared on Spike TV on the show, Xtreme 4*4, that was part of a Powerblock.

She graduated from Wyo Tech in 2004 and she was part of the Collision and Refinishing Core Program as well as the Street Rod Fabrication and Custom Fabrication and High-Performance Powertrain programs. She topped all her classes. After her graduation, Wyo Tech marketing department hired her and another student to build a car from the ground in six months for a debut at the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association’s show. In February 2008, she announced that she would be leaving Xtreme 4*4.

Jessi Combs Age

She was born on July 27th, 1983. She died at the age of 36 years old on 28/8/2019.

Jessi Combs Death

On 27/8/2019, while endeavoring to beat her very own property speed record, the 52,000 pull fly controlled vehicle driven by racer, fabricator, and TV character Jessi Combs slammed in the Alvord Desert in Oregon, executing her, as neighborhood news reports. Combs was 36 years of age and held the title of “quickest lady on four wheels” in the wake of breaking 398 mph in that equivalent North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger in 2013.

Combs was endeavoring to beat her past record, and had endeavored it as of late as a year ago, when she dealt with a 483.227 mph squeeze keep running before mechanical issues finished the endeavor, Just a couple of days prior, Combs tweeted an image of her and the fly vehicle as they arranged for this latest speed record endeavor. Brushes’ passing was affirmed on 28/8/2019 morning on Instagram by Terry Madden, a colleague.

Jessi was much in excess of an incredibly, quick individual; she was a gifted manufacturer and fabricator, speaking to the American Welding Society, and notwithstanding planning a line of ladies’ welding gear.

Jessi was a practiced rough terrain racer too, contending in the Baja 1000 and was the principal lady to put at a King of Hammers occasion; in 2016 she had a first spot complete at the King of Hammers, procuring her the epithet “Ruler of Hammers.”

Jessi was a noteworthy power in dashing and motoring paying little heed to sexual orientation yet as a lady all that she accomplished she did as such in spite of the obstruction of what is as yet a male-commanded world and gave a significant-good example to other ladies in motorsport and hands-on car work.

Jessi Combs Married

Jessi is currently dating the co-host of ‘Overhaulin’ show on discovery channel, Chris Jacob. She was previously married to Ian Johnson who was her co-host in Xtreme 4*4 though the marriage didn’t last long. The reason why the two divorced is because Jessi is said to be bisexual.

Jessi Combs

Jessi Combs Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth os $ 1 million.

Jessi Combs Accident

Jessi was injured in an accident back in 2014 after she collided with a car that pulled out in front of her. She suffered deep lacerations to her right ankle and some broken bones. This is what she posted on her FB page; (Source;“No worries, it’s just a couple of cuts… and maybe some broken bones… and a mangled motorcycle.

I’m ok, really, just pissed… it’s my throttle foot!! Was only going about 15 mph and a car pulled out to turn left. I saw her, she didn’t see …me, I moved left, she floored it, my ankle gets smashed… and cut up… through my boot! Pray for fast healing… I got lots of awesomeness to do in the next couple of months!!”

Jessi Combs MythBusters

MythBusters is an Australian-American science entertainment TV program that was created by Peter Rees and produced by Beyond Television Productions. The series first premiered on the Discovery Channel on January 23, 2003. The series was transmitted by numerous international broadcasters, including SBS Australia (first-run episodes, with repeat episodes shown on 7mate Australia), and other Discovery channels worldwide.

The show’s hosts, special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, used elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos, and news stories. The show was one of the oldest—and the most popular—on the Discovery Channel, being preceded only by How It’s Made and Daily Planet, both in Canada. From 2006 to 2016, the show was overseen by British show-runner Dan Tapster, working out of Sydney, San Francisco, and Manchester.

Jessi Combs Overhaulin

In May 2012, Jessi was the new co-host of the sixth season of Overhaulin’s re-launch together with Chris Jacobs on the Velocity and Discovery Channels.

Jessi Combs Racing

As an expert driver, Combs additionally races in a wide scope of occasions and has appreciated numerous triumphs. Here is a list of those wins;

  • 2017—Ultra 4 King of the Hammers – 12th – 4400 Class
  • 2016 – Ultra 4 King of the Hammers – 1st – EMC Modified Class [6]
  • 2015 – Rallye Aicha des Gazelles (9 off-road rally race) – 1st – First Participation – 10th overall
  • 2015 – SCORE Baja 1000 – 2nd – Class 7
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 King of the Hammers – 1st – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 National Championship – 1st – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 Western Region Series – 1st – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 American Rock Sports Challenge – 3rd – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 Glen Helen Grand Prix – 2nd – Spec Class
  • 2014 – Ultra 4 Stampede – 1st – Legends Class
  • 2013 – Set world land speed record – Fastest Woman on 4-Wheels – 398 mph with a top speed of 440 mph
  • 2011 – SCORE Baja 1000 – 2nd – Class 10

On October 9, 2013, Combs drove the North American Eagle (NAE) Supersonic Speed Challenger at the Alvord desert, guaranteeing the ladies’ 4-wheel land speed record with an official keep running of 398.954 mph (632 km/h) and a top speed of 440.709 mph (709 km/h).

In doing as such, she broke the 48-year-elderly people ladies’ property speed record, a 308.51 mph run normal, set by Lee Breedlove in 1965. September 7, 2016, Combs set another top speed of 477.59 mph driving the Other American Eagle. Brushes is additionally a 2014 Ultra 4 Spec Class National Champion with Falken Tire.

In 2016 she assumed the first position in King of the Hammers with the Savvy Off-Road group in the EMC Modified Class and a 2017 twelfth spot complete in the Unlimited Class driving a similar Stock Mod vehicle.

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