Jonathan Ferro Biography and Career

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Jonathan Ferro is a prominent anchor at Bloomberg, known for his roles in both television and radio programs. He co-anchors the widely followed “Bloomberg Surveillance” on Bloomberg Radio, airing weekdays from 7-9am ET.

Additionally, he takes the helm as anchor for “Bloomberg Markets: The Open” on Bloomberg Television, airing weekdays from 9-10am ET. Ferro also hosts the weekly program “Bloomberg Real Yield” on Fridays from 1-1:30pm ET.

Throughout his career, Ferro has conducted insightful interviews with key figures in global finance, including central bank officials from the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and the Bank of England. He has also engaged in conversations with influential business leaders, such as the CEOs of Adidas and Shell, as well as the Chairmen of HSBC and Barclays.

Prior to his move to New York, Ferro was based in Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London, where he served as the anchor of “On The Move.” His extensive knowledge and expertise in international political economy are backed by a distinguished academic background, including a Master’s degree with distinction in International Political Economy from the University of Warwick.

Jonathan Ferro’s engaging presence and deep understanding of financial markets make him a respected and sought-after anchor in the Bloomberg network, contributing to the informative and insightful coverage provided by the “Bloomberg Surveillance,” “Bloomberg Markets: The Open,” “Bloomberg Real Yield,” and “On The Move” programs.

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