Justin Ayer Biography and Career Life

In June 2018, the FOX23 News team welcomed the dynamic and hard-hitting multimedia journalist, Justin Ayer, to their ranks. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, Justin takes great pride in sharing the stories that matter most to residents.

Although he may not be accustomed to the warm temperatures that Oklahoma offers, Justin embraced the change with open arms. Prior to his move to Tulsa, he spent a year as a bureau reporter at NBC Montana, stationed in Butte, MT.

In this historic mining town, he covered a diverse range of topics, including the Berkeley Pit—an impressive toxic open pit copper mine plunging over 1,700 feet deep. He also reported on Montana’s growing meth epidemic, shedding light on the challenges faced by communities, and broke the news of the cancellation of Evel Knievel Days—a beloved and longstanding summer festival honoring the legendary Daredevil Evel Knievel, who hailed from Butte. Truly, only in Butte could such unique stories unfold.

Born and raised in Wallingford, Connecticut, Justin is no stranger to the whims of weather, where one day can bring 70-degree warmth and the next a chilly 40 degrees. He pursued his passion for storytelling at the University of Connecticut, where he studied communication and broadcast journalism (GO HUSKIES!).

His journey in television began with sports reporting and anchoring at the University’s student-run television station, UCTV. Ever the go-getter, he kept busy with internships at esteemed places such as NBC Connecticut, NBC Sports, the Tab, the Connecticut Tigers (an MiLB team in Norwich, CT), and Hertz.

In his leisure time, Justin finds joy in exploring new places through travel, attending concerts, sampling culinary delights at different restaurants, indulging in reading, and maintaining an active lifestyle with running. When it comes to sports, he’s a dedicated fan of the New York Giants.

His diverse range of interests is mirrored in his approach to journalism. Justin’s story pursuits encompass localism, business matters, crime reporting, and prioritizing human safety. His commitment to bringing vital news to the forefront of the community’s attention is evident in every piece he delivers.

With his infectious passion for storytelling and the warmth he brings to the screen, Justin Ayer has undoubtedly become an invaluable addition to the FOX23 News team. As he continues to shine a spotlight on the stories that resonate with residents, the community can rest assured that they have a dedicated and passionate journalist on their side.

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