Justin Bradford Biography and Career Life

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Justin, an enthusiastic meteorologist and dedicated sports aficionado, takes great pride in his Michigan roots and is excited to contribute to his home state by delivering precise weather forecasts.

When he’s not immersed in the world of meteorology, Justin finds joy in a wide range of outdoor activities, indulges in playing various Super Mario Bros. games, cherishes quality time with his lovely wife, Alex, and eagerly awaits the next breathtaking sunset.

Hailing from Michigan, Justin’s passion for weather and his connection to the state led him to Central Michigan University, where he pursued his education. His dedication to meteorology was evident during his time at CMU, where he was elected President of the American Meteorological Society Student Chapter, showcasing his leadership and commitment to his chosen field.

With a combination of his love for meteorology, outdoor adventures, gaming, family time, and beautiful sunsets, Justin embodies the spirit of a true Michigander who wholeheartedly embraces all that his home state has to offer. Through his accurate weather forecasts, he continues to serve and support the community he holds dear.

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