Kate Stoltz Biography, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Clothing line, Return to Amish and Nose job

Kate Stoltz Biography

Kate Stoltz is an American model, designer, and television personality based in New York City. She became popularly known after starring in the reality show ‘Breaking Amish’ and later on the follow-up shows Breaking Amish: Brave New World and Return to Amish on TLC.

Kate Stoltz Age

She was born on September 21, 1991.

Kate Stoltz Family

Kate Stoltz was born as Kate Stoltzfus, in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, on a 100-acre (40 ha) farm to an Amish family. She was the middle child in a family of seven children. It is said that she spent most of her young days working on the farm and sewing clothing for herself and her immediate family.

After she left Pennsylvania to join ‘Breaking Amish’ her family did not approve of it. During an interview with In Touch, she said now she is at a good place with the family.

“My family and I have become — we’re on much better terms now, I really enjoy going home and seeing them. They’re always very welcoming to me, so I’m definitely thankful for their support.”

Kate Stoltz Boyfriend

Kate keeps her love life private but it is rumored to be dating Dr. Robert Morin, the surgeon who performed her nose job. Dr. Morin also is also the founder of Developing Faces, a nonprofit organization that specializes in high-quality surgical care to children and babies with facial abnormalities living in developing countries around the world. Kate becomes the CEO of the organization in 2018.

Kate Stoltz Model

She was signed by one of NYC’s modeling agency, Major Model Management NYC. She appeared on television broadcasts, worked in showrooms and walked in New York City runway shows, including Mercedes Benz shows. In July 2013 she posed for Maxim Magazine.

Kate Stoltz Maxim

She made her print debut in the 2013 July/August issue of Maxim.

Breaking Amish

In 2012 Kate became a star in the reality TV Show ‘Breaking Amish’ which premiered on 9th September 2012 on TLC. The series revolved around five young Anabaptist adults (four Amish and one Mennonite). The Anabaptist adults moved to New York City in order to experience a different life, decide whether to return to their communities or remain outside their and face potential ostracism by their family and friends.

In 2017 Kate left the show to pursue her career as a fashion designer.

While doing an interview with In Touch magazine Kate Stoltz was asked if ‘Return to Amish’ was edited and if she would ever return to the show and she said

“I really can’t [say]. I’m sorry…For now, I just really want to focus on design and continue studying architecture, the history of fashion, and art. I really get inspired by just visiting art galleries and learning about different cultures, studying fashion — I feel like I have so much to learn and there are so many things I want to do in this world. It’s very labor-intensive. I spend a lot of time on some pieces, so I really just want to focus on this for now.”

Kate also revealed that she is not in touch with her former co-stars.

Kate Stoltz Fashion Designer

In 2015, the Fashion Institute of Technology accepted her as a fashion design major student. During an interview with In Touch, she said:

“When I went to FIT, I was going to classes full-time and there’s no way I could do classes and go to castings, so I decided to just focus on this because I feel like this is my future. I think fashion just kind of crept into my life.

“I’ve always been a very creative person like I became fascinated with sketching and colors and just working. Sewed my clothing as a child, starting at nine years old, and I was always very interested in creative things. I moved to NYC and Major Model Management signed me, and there I could work with designers. H

ad these incredible pieces and the different aesthetics inspired me by just seeing the beautiful creations they had.”

When asked if her Amish roots affect her place in the fashion world, she said,

I’m not concerned about not having the artistic knowledge and the ability to design. I think what concerns me more is having people think of my background as a drawback when in reality, I have been living outside of that for a long time now.  It’s not like I’m defined by that, my background… I am passionate about my work and I spend a lot of time developing new techniques and perfecting my craft, so I just want that to be the focus.”

Prior to her joining college to study fashion design, she had learned how to sew from her older sister at nine years. After moving to New York City, that’s when she became inspired to join the fashion school.

Kate Stoltz Cynthia Rowley

While at FIT Kate had the opportunity to work with Cynthia Rowley, an international fashion designer. She worked as an intern at Cynthia Rowley’s design studio in New York City where she helped create patterns, cut and sew couture garments for their upcoming fashion show.

Kate Stoltz Clothing Line

In 2015 Kate began her own clothing line “Kate Stoltz” which focuses on women’s wear and also has a dog clothing line. She won the 2014 Demiurge Award for her work and art as an emerging designer in New York City.

Kate Stoltz Plastic Surgeon

In 2018 Kate Stoltz became the CEO of Developing Faces, a nonprofit organization that specializes in high-quality surgical care to children and babies with facial abnormalities living in developing countries around the world.

The organization was founded in 2014 by Robert Morin MD and Susan Kim. With the mission of greatly improving the kind of care given on international surgical. Kate got involved with the organization after meeting the then CEO, Susan Kim. In 2014 she agreed to be the organization spokesperson. In 2015 she joined the Board of Directors and got more involved with fundraising, planning missions, and other duties.

Kate Stoltz Nose Job

During her time on TLC reality show ‘Breaking Amish’ Kate Stoltz revealed, in 2015, that she was getting a nose job to fix the nose. It got broken when she was young but didn’t have the opportunity to collect it.

“I’ve fixed something that’s been bothering me for years and get reconstructive surgery. I had my nose broken when I was a young girl. It was always something I wanted to get done; I just did not do it…

The Amish never get surgery unless it’s something vital to their health. I’ve seen so many bad rhinoplasties and bad plastic surgery, and the last thing I want is to mess up my face. I’ve never had surgery before so I just hope that the surgery goes well,” she said on Breaking Amish.

After the nose job she took to Twitter to let people know that she had done her nose tweeting:

“My nose was badly broken when I was 13, and I never had it repaired until last year. I’m so thankful that I was finally able to get it done!”

Kate Stoltz Career

Modeling work

After a search for work, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in modeling and immediately found work. She worked for Union Bay, Spiegel, Bella, and Gypsy Sisters. She posed for Maxim magazine in July 2013.

Television work

Talking of her T.V. work, she Stoltz starred in a reality TV show called Breaking Amish on the TLC network. She made appearances in the first two seasons and has participated in the first season of the follow-up show Return to Amish which premiered on June 1, 2014.

Fashion work

Viewing her fashion career, she was filled with sewing skills, which she acquired while growing up in the Amish community, and the education from receiving her Associates Degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. The “Kate Stoltz” label focuses on made to measure luxury women’s wear, with a focus on detail and quality. For all that, she won the 2014 Demiurge Award for her work and art as an emerging designer in New York City.

Kate Stoltz Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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