Kathleen Phillips Biography and Career

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Kathleen Phillips is a multi-talented artist, excelling in writing, acting, and comedy. Her remarkable skills as a character comedian have garnered recognition, earning her nominations for The Tim Sims Encouragement Award and a Canadian Comedy Award.

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Kathleen’s comedic prowess shines in her starring role in the sketch series “Sunnyside” on CITY TV. Additionally, she portrays the character Emma Terdie in Season 4 of the popular show “MR.D” and has made appearances in various comedy series for television such as “Cock’d Gunns” on IFC, “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” “Dan for Mayor” on CTV, and “Hot Box” on Comedy Network.

Not only does Kathleen display her comedic talent on screen, but she also contributes to the creative process behind the scenes. She is a valued member of the writing staff for “Sunnyside” and has lent her writing skills to projects like The Ron James Show, as well as other television and radio endeavors.

In 2013, Kathleen showcased her writing and performing abilities by co-writing and starring in her own pilot, “Livin’ The Dream,” which aired on CBC Television. The pilot, directed and co-written by Adam Brody and Dave Derewlaney (known for their work on The Jon Dore Show and Funny As Hell), was produced by Just For Laughs in Montreal, further demonstrating Kathleen’s talent and dedication to her craft.