Kathlyn Mooradian Biography and Career

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Hailing from Detroit and coming from a family of musicians, Kathlyn’s lifelong connection to the music industry has shaped her passion and career.

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Starting with her college radio station and continuing as a freelance music writer, editor for the UK-based music blog DrunkenWerewolf, and co-host of the music-based podcast The Green Room, Kathlyn’s love for music runs deep.

Her musical tastes are diverse and ever-evolving, ranging from classical jazz and indie pop to electronica, heavy metal, and an unwavering appreciation for the legendary artist Prince.

Outside of her media work, Kathlyn fills her free time with various pursuits. She embraces an active lifestyle, clocking in miles while running, and enjoys attending live shows to experience the energy of music firsthand.

She also cherishes the company of her beloved dog, Cato, and proudly supports her alma mater, the University of Michigan, as an enthusiastic supporter of the Michigan Wolverines.