Kathryn Marlow Biography and Career

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For over a decade, Kathryn has been a dedicated member of the CBC, embarking on a journey that took her from Vancouver to Kelowna and Calgary before finally settling in Victoria in 2019.

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Throughout her tenure, she predominantly worked behind-the-scenes, serving as a producer for afternoon and morning shows, as well as contributing to the former national radio show, The 180.

Prior to joining All Points West, she showcased her reporting skills as part of CBC Victoria, bringing captivating stories from across Vancouver Island to audiences across British Columbia, both on radio and online.

Kathryn’s passion for radio, especially CBC Radio, stems from its unique ability to connect listeners from diverse communities. As she becomes part of the All Points West team, she eagerly looks forward to engaging not only with listeners but also in meaningful conversations alongside them, fostering a strong connection with audiences throughout the Island, Gulf Islands, and Sunshine Coast.

Having grown up in the lower mainland, Kathryn’s upbringing was filled with family road trips exploring various locations in beautiful British Columbia. Although this marks her first time residing on the island, she describes the experience as coming home, finding a sense of belonging in the vibrant and welcoming community.