Kathy Hanrahan Biography and Career

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In my role as the lifestyle editor at WRAL, I oversee the management of our three prominent lifestyle brands: Go Ask Mom, WRAL Out and About, and Smartshopper. These brands cover a wide range of topics, including family, local events, restaurant news, and money-saving tips through coupons.

As part of my responsibilities, I lead a talented group of contributors who contribute to all three brands, ensuring a diverse and engaging content lineup. Additionally, I actively create compelling content myself to enhance the overall quality and variety of our offerings.

Managing social media is another crucial aspect of my role, where I am responsible for maintaining and growing our online presence. With a reach of 140k, I work to connect with our audience, foster engagement, and provide valuable information across various social media platforms.

In addition to my editorial duties, I am skilled in videography and video editing. I produce high-quality packages that are featured on WRAL.com, social media platforms, and WRAL-TV, enhancing our multimedia presence and delivering engaging visual content to our audience.

Beyond my work at WRAL, I am an accomplished concert photographer and entertainment journalist. Drawing on my expertise, I bring a unique perspective to my coverage of live performances and entertainers, capturing captivating moments and providing insightful commentary.

Before joining WRAL, I gained valuable experience during my four-year tenure at the Associated Press (AP). There, I covered a broad range of topics as a general assignment reporter, focusing on the entertainment beat. My stories were published nationally and internationally, further establishing my credibility and proficiency in delivering captivating and widely recognized content.

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