Katie Davis Biography and Career

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Katie Davis is a highly acclaimed investigative reporter at NBC 10, recognized with prestigious awards like the Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press accolades. She became a valuable member of the NBC 10 team in 2010 and takes great pleasure in living and working in the vibrant region of New England.

One of Katie’s remarkable achievements was her second Murrow award in 2013 for her exceptional investigative reporting on sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Rhode Island. Through meticulous public records requests spanning over six months, Katie unearthed never-before-seen letters from Rhode Island State Police files, revealing disturbing instances of sexual abuse of children by priests in the state.

As a prominent figure in NBC 10’s investigative unit, Katie has also brought to light critical issues affecting the safety of the community. Her reporting exposed public schools in Providence that had gone up to 10 years without fire inspections, endangering the lives of the city’s children. Additionally, she shed light on a similar problem in Providence nightclubs, even a decade after the tragic Station nightclub fire claimed 100 lives in Rhode Island. This series earned her another Murrow award and an Emmy nomination for investigative reporting.

Katie’s relentless pursuit of excellence led her to earn a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, supported by a scholarship from CBS News. She is also an alumna of Cornell University, proud of her academic accomplishments.

Before joining the NBC 10 team, Katie showcased her investigative and consumer reporting skills at KGPE in Fresno, Calif., and began her reporting career at KNDO in Yakima, Wash.

Katie is a valued member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, earning a fellowship to the organization’s annual conference for her exceptional work at KGPE. Besides her passion for breaking news stories, she also contributed to an Associated Press Award for Best Spot News as part of the KGPE team.

When she’s not in pursuit of a compelling story, Katie enjoys spending quality time with her son and daughter, chasing them around the house, and engaging in local road races. Her dedication to her craft, commitment to uncovering crucial truths, and love for her family make Katie Davis a remarkable and respected investigative journalist.

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