Katie Eastman Biography and Career

In 2017, Katie became an esteemed member of the 9NEWS team as a reporter, proficient in shooting and editing her own stories. Her ultimate goal each day is to foster a deeper understanding among the community by introducing them to the remarkable individuals she encounters.

Her storytelling prowess has garnered immense recognition, with five Emmy awards and numerous accolades from the esteemed National Press Photographers Association.

Throughout her time at 9NEWS, Katie has had the privilege of experiencing extraordinary moments, like riding in a Sno-Cat during a bomb cyclone snowstorm, reporting from the fire-ravaged town of Paradise in California, and meeting inspiring children who defy all odds.

Before joining 9NEWS, Katie showcased her exceptional talent as a video journalist at the Boston Herald, where she was covering the Boston Marathon in 2013 when the tragic bombings occurred. She devoted much of her time to telling the stories of the survivors, and that unforgettable race holds a special place in her heart.

Katie embarked on her journey in journalism after graduating from Emerson College in 2011. Her career began in Des Moines, Iowa, where she worked as a reporter at the ABC affiliate, WOI. During her time there, she made memorable appearances on the Colbert Report, earning her the affectionate moniker of the “Intrepid Cub Reporter.”

Originally hailing from Maine, Katie enjoys spending her free time at home, convincing her cat to cuddle with her, and embarking on exciting adventures with her husband. Her passion for storytelling, dedication to her craft, and ability to connect with the community make her an exceptional journalist and a valued member of the 9NEWS team.

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