Katie Kuenkel Biography and Career

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Katie Kuenkel, the vibrant host of Morning Connection, hails from Cumberland, Wisconsin. In 1999, she graduated with a journalism degree from UW-Eau Claire, setting the foundation for her impressive career in the media industry.

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Her journey with WEAU began in 2009 when she joined as the host of Moms Everyday, showcasing her passion for both journalism and the Chippewa Valley.

Interestingly, Katie’s connection with WEAU dates back even further. During her time at UW-Eau Claire, she worked as a sales intern at the station during a memorable summer in the late 90s.

Having spent over two decades in the Eau Claire area, Katie has built strong roots in the community alongside her high school sweetheart. Together, they are raising four children and two beloved dogs, making the area their cherished home.

Being a people person, Katie thoroughly enjoys her role on Morning Connection, as it allows her to interact with and connect with many individuals from the Chippewa Valley, adding joy to her professional life.

When not busy with her hosting duties, Katie makes the most of her spare time by indulging in outdoor walks, invigorating water-skiing sessions, and immersing herself in the world of books. Additionally, she is a devoted parent, enthusiastically attending all of her kids’ sporting events, supporting them in every endeavor.

For Katie Kuenkel, the Chippewa Valley is not only a source of professional fulfillment but also a treasured place where she finds joy, contentment, and a warm sense of belonging.