Katie Wisely Biography and Career

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Katie Wisely, a proud Indiana native, spent her formative years in Westfield and graduated from Westfield High School. Her academic journey led her to Purdue University, where she pursued a degree in mass communication from the esteemed Brian Lamb School of Communication. During her time at Purdue, Katie honed her skills as an intern in the WISH-TV newsroom.

Before becoming a valued member of the News 8 team, Katie’s career took her to WEHT in Evansville, IN, and KJRH in Tulsa, OK. In Tulsa, she had the opportunity to cover the 2016 presidential candidates and experienced the excitement of being stationed at Republican headquarters on election night.

Additionally, Katie’s passion for investigative reporting led her to uncover a concerning situation at an apartment complex. She revealed the complex’s negligence in repairing mechanical equipment, resulting in over 64 units being left without air conditioning for months. Her impactful story prompted the city to take action and condemn half of the complex, making a significant difference for its residents.

In recognition of her outstanding work, Katie was honored with an Associated Press award in 2017, along with her photographer, for General News Photography.

Beyond her professional achievements, Katie finds joy in various activities outside of work. She enjoys playing tennis, exploring new restaurants, and cherishing quality time with her family, particularly her nieces, who hold a special place in her heart.

Katie Wisely’s dedication to delivering the latest local stories to Central Indiana viewers and her commitment to investigative reporting exemplify her passion for journalism and making a positive impact in her community.

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