Katiera Winfrey Biography and Career

Katiera Winfrey’s return to WISH-TV marks a significant homecoming for her, as it was at WISH-TV in 2010 that she first started her news career behind the scenes. Now, as the station’s pioneering Multicultural Reporter, she is excited to reconnect with the Hoosier experience in Indianapolis, although she considers Houston, Texas, her original home.

Having spent several years growing up in Indianapolis and graduating from North Central High School, Katiera has a deep connection to the city and its community. Over the past decade, her journalism journey has taken her to various Texas cities, Oklahoma, and most recently Allentown, Pennsylvania, where she covered a diverse range of stories, from tragic accidents to natural disasters.

However, the stories that have resonated with Katiera the most are the ones that allow her to connect with people and share their unique experiences. She values the opportunity to get to know individuals and bring their compelling stories to the forefront.

As a graduate of Texas Southern University, one of the nation’s largest historically black colleges and universities, and a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, Katiera is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in her reporting.

In her leisure time, she finds joy in traveling, reading, watching movies, playing basketball, and cherishing moments with her family and her beloved dog, Sarabi. With her passion for storytelling and dedication to meaningful journalism, Katiera Winfrey continues to make an impact in the world of news reporting at WISH-TV.