Kayla Crandall Biography and Career

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Kayla Crandall hails from Fort Wayne and is an alumna of Carroll High School. She pursued higher education at Ball State University, where she achieved a double major in Journalism and Telecommunications. In addition to her impressive majors, she also completed minors in History and Spanish during her time at the university.

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Kayla is a versatile member of Television Park, handling dual responsibilities with finesse. On weekdays, you’ll find her closely connected to the assignment desk, serving as Fort Wayne’s NBC Social Media and Digital Content Manager. Her expertise in this role ensures that the latest trending stories are covered and engaging content reaches the audience.

When the weekend arrives, Kayla assumes the role of producer for the Fort Wayne’s NBC News at 6 p.m. newscast. Her dedication and skills in this area contribute to delivering timely and impactful news to the community.

Beyond her professional commitments, Kayla has a passion for outdoor activities, especially those involving bodies of water. Kayaking, fishing, and enjoying quality time with her family while cooking are some of her favorite pastimes.

Kayla’s combination of journalistic talent, digital expertise, and commitment to delivering reliable news make her an invaluable member of the Television Park team. Her love for the Fort Wayne area and zest for outdoor adventures truly reflect her connection with the community.