Kayla Dixon Biography and Career

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Kayla Dixon is a dedicated producer, responsible for curating the compelling 5 p.m. newscast at WPSD. Originally hailing from Ransomville, New York, just north of Buffalo, Kayla has made her mark in the journalism world with her passion and talent.

In 2013, Kayla earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism/mass communication from St. Bonaventure University. During her time at the university, she also displayed her prowess on the rugby field, spending three and a half years as a key player for the women’s rugby team.

Her journalism career commenced as an associate producer at what is now known as Spectrum News in Rochester, New York. Over the course of three years, she honed her skills as an associate producer and digital content producer. In 2016, Kayla made a significant move to WPSD, where she has been a vital member of the team ever since.

Beyond her work in journalism, Kayla is also known for her dedication to community engagement. For the past three years, she has run and fundraised for the St. Jude half marathon in Memphis, Tennessee, contributing to a worthy cause.

In her leisure time, she enjoys indulging in her love for reading and writing, and cherishes moments spent with her family. Kayla, her husband Daryl, her son Drew, and her beloved cat, Mia, happily reside in Kevil.

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