KEELY MCCORMICK Biography and Career

Keely McCormick became a valuable addition to KVAL in August 2020, assuming the role of a skilled multimedia journalist. Originally hailing from a suburb near Chicago, her passion for journalism and business led her to pursue studies at the esteemed University of Kansas.

Delighting in the Pacific Northwest, McCormick cherishes the abundance of running trails and the breathtaking scenery that this region offers.

Her journalistic journey began in her early years, where she’d use her hairbrush as a makeshift microphone, enthusiastically interviewing friends and family. This innate desire to connect with others and share their stories influenced her involvement in GTV, a broadcasting club during her high school days.

At the University of Kansas, McCormick took her passion to new heights by creating and hosting her own morning show, aptly titled “Wake Up Call.” Throughout her college years, she continued to expand her repertoire and enhance her skills through various internships.

In 2018, she ventured to London, England, where she covered movie premieres and interviewed British celebrities on the illustrious red carpet. Other internships took her to WMTV in Madison, Wisconsin, and KSNT in Topeka, Kansas. Her dedication and hard work earned her the prestigious title of the Midwest’s Student Broadcaster of the Year during her final year at the University of Kansas.