Keith Carson Biography and Career

Keith Carson is a seasoned meteorologist with a passion for forecasting and climate analysis at NEWS CENTER Maine in Portland, ME.

Having earned a B.S. in Meteorology from Lyndon State College, Keith’s expertise in weather prediction has garnered him recognition and accolades. He was voted “Best Meteorologist” by Downeast Magazine readers in 2017-2018 and earned the title of “Hottest Newsmen” by Buzzfeed in 2017. (Yes, seriously‚Ķ)

Growing up amidst the serene fields of central Massachusetts, Keith developed a keen awareness of weather patterns from a young age. Transforming this innate skill into a full-time profession, he ventured into the world of broadcasting, skillfully presenting weather reports under bright lights and makeup.

Keith’s journey led him through notable stations like WSI, WPTZ-TV, and WCSH before he caught the attention of a prominent cable executive. The allure of showcasing what a “smedium” truly meant led him to The Weather Channel, where he had the opportunity to rub shoulders with legends like Al Roker and Jim Cantore. During his tenure, Keith covered major weather events and accumulated a multitude of Delta SkyMiles.

However, the magnetic pull of Maine eventually brought him back home. Now, with more experience, wisdom, and an effortlessly rugged appearance, Keith has returned to Maine, ready to don even tighter suits as he continues his meteorological journey.

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