Keith Esparros Biography and Career

Keith Esparros, the Executive News Director, hails from New Orleans, where he was born and raised in the neighborhood of Gentilly. He received his education at Brother Martin High School and Loyola University.

His journey in the broadcasting world began at WWL-TV, where he started as a receptionist and steadily climbed the ranks to become the Executive Producer after 11 years. Following his time at WWL-TV, he ventured to the West Coast, where he served as the Managing Editor in San Diego and then as the Executive Producer at KCAL-TV in Los Angeles.

During his West Coast tenure, he covered significant events like the LA riots, the Northridge Earthquake, and the OJ Simpson trial. Eventually, he returned to lead the news operation at WVUE-TV before heading back to Los Angeles as the Assistant News Director at KNBC-TV.

After 18 years on and off the West Coast, Esparros found himself back at WWL-TV, where it all began for him. Covering news in the city he loves has been immensely gratifying for him. Throughout his career, he has been recognized with numerous awards, including several Emmy Awards and Edward R. Murrow Awards.

Despite his successful career, Esparros considers his greatest accomplishment to be his triplet sons: John, Frank, and Case. As a father, he fondly shares his wisdom with staff members who are expecting their first child, expressing that it will be the most joyful and fun-filled time of their lives.

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