Keith Jenkins Biography and Career

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Keith W. Jenkins, the Director of Digital Content, has dedicated the majority of his career to managing and strategizing digital storytelling. With experience in both traditional and digital organizations, Keith has been instrumental in helping them connect with their audiences, develop effective delivery platforms, refine their content, and produce exceptional and award-winning journalism.

Throughout his career, Keith has led teams that have earned prestigious accolades such as Pulitzer, Emmy, Peabody, Murrow, World Press, and Webby awards. His work has contributed to the success and recognition of renowned media outlets like The Washington Post, NPR, and National Geographic.

In 2008, Keith first joined NPR from The Washington Post, and during his five-year tenure, he played a crucial role in establishing and overseeing the multimedia department. In 2013, he moved to National Geographic, where his expertise further enhanced their digital efforts.

Keith eventually returned to NPR in 2017, taking on the role of Director of Visual Journalism, where he continues to contribute his expertise and leadership in the realm of digital content creation.

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