Keith Murphy Biography and Career

In 1996, Keith Murphy became a valuable addition to the Channel 13 news team as the Sports Director, revolutionizing the way viewers experience local sports coverage.

Breaking away from the conventional approach of merely presenting scores and highlights, Keith injected fun, opinion, and thought-provoking insights into his sportscasts. His efforts did not go unnoticed, as he earned the prestigious title of Iowa Sportscaster of the Year and consistently anchored award-winning sportscasts, including those recognized by the Emmy, Associated Press, and IBNA.

Throughout his career, Keith also garnered Murrow and Sevareid awards for his outstanding sports reporting. However, he acknowledges that while awards are nice, the real joy comes from engaging with his audience and leaving an impression on old friends and classmates when they come across his name while Googling.

Apart from anchoring sports for the Channel 13 News at Six and Ten, Keith also co-hosts the immensely popular sports-based show, SoundOFF with Keith Murphy and Andy Fales, which airs live on Sunday nights at 10:35. SoundOFF is an interactive platform where fans get to voice their opinions or share their thoughts using their keyboards.

The show has become a blend of informative sports discussions and entertaining moments, often delving into entertainment and pop culture. Recently celebrating its 800th episode, SoundOFF continues to gain more viewers and accolades, surprising even the hosts themselves.

Before joining Channel 13, Keith served as the Sports Director at WOI-TV in Des Moines, where he not only anchored sportscasts but also provided play-by-play commentary for Cyclone basketball on ESPN and the Iowa-Iowa State football game on ABC regional television.

Keith shares his life with his best friend, Jenny, and together, they have blended their families to create a modern-day Brady Bunch with six boys. They enjoy various activities like playing sports, video games, watching movies, and having playful pranks in their family life. Amidst all the fun, Keith occasionally wishes for Astro Turf to avoid mowing the lawn, but with six boys, he might not have to worry about that until he’s 60.