KERMIT MILLER Biography and Career

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Kermit Miller’s journey in broadcast news began during his high school years when he landed his first job as a photographer at KY3, a prominent news station in Springfield.

Throughout his career, Kermit has witnessed the remarkable evolution of the news-gathering industry, transitioning from traditional tools like telephone calls, typewriters, and 16mm film to the digital age of electronic tablets, social media, live streaming, and Zoom.

Despite these technological and social changes, Kermit firmly believes that the essence of newscasting remains unchanged: to deliver captivating stories accurately and in an understandable manner.

After spending three and a half years at KCBJ (now KMIZ) in Columbia, MO, Kermit joined KRCG 13 in 1992. Throughout his time at KRCG, Kermit has primarily focused on reporting on state government affairs in Missouri’s capital city. However, his career has been diverse, involving various assignments and experiences.

Notably, he documented military training and hurricane relief projects in Central America, accompanying the Missouri National Guard on two occasions. Additionally, in 2000, he led KRCG 13’s coverage of the tragic death of Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan in an airplane crash during Carnahan’s U.S. Senate campaign. This extensive coverage, including the funeral service attended by President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and other dignitaries, earned KRCG 13 an Edward R. Murrow award.

Kermit has also been on the ground during major events, such as the Great Flood of 1993, which affected much of mid-Missouri and tested the news station’s ability to provide updates without modern smartphone technology and reporter access to the television station in Callaway County. More recently, he has diligently kept viewers informed about the unprecedented pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

Kermit, together with his wife, Julie, has called central Missouri home for over four decades. Their son, Colin, is married and works as an athletic trainer and orthopedics assistant at a Kansas City hospital. Beyond his professional endeavors, most KRCG 13 viewers know of Kermit’s unwavering passion for hockey.

What viewers may not realize is that he remains “hands-on” with the stories he covers, personally handling tasks such as shooting his own video, writing, and editing both the content and visuals. This dedication to being actively involved in every aspect of his work is what initially drew him to broadcast news and has continued to fuel his passion throughout his career.