Kerri Compton Biography and Career

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Kerri Compton is a highly familiar and respected figure on KLTV and KTRE, where she serves as the sole traffic anchor in East Texas. With over two decades of experience, she has been delivering exclusive traffic reports for Good Morning East Texas, becoming an integral part of the morning routine for viewers.

With an extensive network of agency resources and traffic software, Kerri remains on top of East Texas traffic conditions and ongoing construction projects. In addition to her on-air role, Kerri plays a vital role in the newsroom as a digital producer, ensuring that and are continuously updated with the latest news and information for the East Texas community.

Dedicated to keeping East Texans well-informed, Kerri is committed to providing reliable and timely news coverage, from local stories to significant global events. KLTV and KTRE’s digital platforms serve as trusted sources for breaking news at any time.

Kerri and her family are based in the Tyler area, where she shares her life with her husband and two daughters, making her a valued member of the local community she serves.