Kevin Roble Biography and Career

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Kevin Roble’s journey at WRBL began in 1993 when he served as an intern under Sports Director Rece Davis, who later gained fame at ESPN. Since then, Kevin’s dedication has led him to become the chief photographer at the station in 2004.

After starting as a production assistant in 1994, Kevin’s talent and hard work shone through, and he was promoted to a news and sports photographer five years later. His camera lens has captured remarkable moments, including covering the Masters golf tournament five times, which he considers a career highlight. Additionally, Kevin had the privilege of covering the 2001 Super Bowl and two SEC Championship games.

The thrill of storytelling through his camera lens is Kevin’s passion, and this dedication was recognized when he received an honorable mention in the category of Excellence in Photo Journalism from the Georgia Associated Press in 2009.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin enjoys playing golf and embarking on road trips. His wanderlust has taken him to 36 states, where he has collected thousands of road maps along the way.

A devout Christian, Kevin finds joy in his family life, being happily married and blessed with a daughter. With his talent, commitment, and enthusiasm, Kevin Roble continues to make his mark in the world of photography and storytelling.

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