Kevin Torres Biography and Career

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Kevin Torres, a 12-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, is undoubtedly well-traveled across Colorado. Since 2009, he has explored every nook and cranny of the state, from its bustling cities to the tiniest rural communities.

Kevin’s renowned “Unique 2 Colorado” feature series has captured the hearts of viewers statewide, showcasing the remarkable people, places, and phenomena that make Colorado truly special. Growing up on a farm in Upstate New York has instilled in him a deep appreciation for rural towns and small communities, adding a personal touch to his reporting.

In the spring of 2015, Kevin joined the esteemed FOX31/Channel 2 News team, where his “Unique 2 Colorado” segment airs on weekdays. Prior to this, he dedicated five and a half years to reporting for 9NEWS in Denver, covering some of Colorado’s most significant events, including the Aurora Theater shooting, Black Forest Fire, Waldo Canyon fire, and the historic floods of 2013. He also traveled to Boston to report on the Boston bombings and to Texas for the West, Texas explosion in 2013.

With over 90 awards to his name, including 12 Emmys and a prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Sports Feature reporting, Kevin is a master storyteller whose work resonates with audiences. When not pursuing his passion for journalism, Kevin immerses himself in the stunning landscapes of Colorado, camping, hiking, and exploring its beauty. He also has a unique interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons, enjoying leisurely sleep, and indulging in Netflix shows.

As an active member of the local arts scene, Kevin is a “Burner,” having attended Burning Man thrice already, with plans for a fourth in 2020. Originally hailing from Upstate New York, Kevin now calls the LODO section of Denver home, where he can often be seen running through Downtown Denver, LODO, or the River North Arts District (RiNo). Despite his adventurous spirit, there’s one thing that sends shivers down his spine – a deep fear of whales (a topic he prefers not to discuss).

With a genuine love for his family and buffalo wings (especially when shared with his two nephews), Kevin cherishes the connections he’s made in Colorado and is grateful for the opportunity to continue exploring and sharing the incredible stories of the state he now calls home.

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