Marcia Kramer Biography and Career

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Marcia Kramer joined CBS New York in 1990, taking on the role of an investigative and political reporter. Prior to her tenure at WCBS, she served as the City Hall bureau chief for the New York Daily News.

Throughout her career, Kramer’s exceptional reporting on local, national, and international issues has earned her numerous prestigious awards and honors. She has been the recipient of two George Foster Peabody awards, two Edward R. Murrow awards, nine Emmy awards, two New York Press Club Golden Typewriter awards, and a first-place award from the Associated Press for her investigative work.

Her contributions have been acknowledged and praised in editorials featured in esteemed publications such as the New York Times and the New York Post. In fact, in March 1998, the New York Observer published an article titled “Marcia Kramer: Journalism at its Best,” which further celebrated her outstanding journalistic achievements.

One of Kramer’s notable breakthroughs involved uncovering the improper use of lights and sirens by city government officials. Her groundbreaking report prompted Mayor Michael Bloomberg to take action, leading to the removal of lights and sirens from hundreds of vehicles. In addition to this impactful exposé, Kramer has tackled various other subjects, including the theft and black market sale of school supplies, the serving of expired food in schools, and the revelation of school board members using taxpayer funds for vacations in Las Vegas. Her reports on Swiss banks and Nazi gold have also received recognition, ultimately leading to the Swiss government’s decision to return the funds. Furthermore, Kramer is widely known for her 1992 interview with President Bill Clinton, during which he famously admitted to having “never inhaled.”

Marcia Kramer’s illustrious career as a reporter at CBS New York has been marked by her exceptional investigative skills and commitment to uncovering the truth. Her numerous awards and accolades are a testament to her dedication and contributions to the field of journalism.

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