Nicole Linkletter Biography, Age, Net worth, Husband, America’s Next Top Model

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Nicole Linkletter Biography

Nicole Linkletter (Nicole Linkletter Nathanson) is an American model born on 18th April 1986 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, U.S. In 2005 she won the cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model becoming the first of two America’s Next Top Model winners from North Dakota. She is signed with Nous Model Management, Upfront Models in Singapore, and Paragon Model Management.

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Nicole Linkletter Age

Nicole was born on 18th April 1986 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, U.S (32 years as of 2018)

Nicole Linkletter Family

Her parents are Monica Linkletter and Steve Linkletter. She has two sisters Jaime and Chris.

Nicole Linkletter Husband

In 2013 she married Adam Nathanson, who is a a partner and creative director at Colony, a collaborative design and branding studio in Los Angeles, California. In 2016 their son Theo Nathanson was born.

Nicole Linkletter Net worth

Nicole has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million

Nicole Linkletter

Nicole Linkletter Education

In 2003 she graduated from Grand Forks Red River High School and later joined the University of North Dakota. She joined St. Cloud State University where she majored in Marketing.

Nicole Linkletter America’s Next Top Model

Nicole Linkletter auditioned for the Cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model at the Mall of America. She won the contest over the runner-up Nik Pace.

Although Nicole managed to be the wimmer she was not always on the top as she had fallen to the top two twice, once after a photo shoot with the Wild Boyz from MTV and another time after the CoverGirl shoot.

During the final runway challenge she earned all the judges’ votes making her the fifth winner of America’s Next Top Model, becoming the first America’s Next Top Model winners from North Dakota.

Her prize as the winner was a contract with Ford Models, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, and her photo appearing in a Ford Fusion (Americas) national advert.

Nicole Linkletter Model

Nicole Linkletter did a photo shoot with photographer, Giles Bensimon in Paris for a couture line. Her photos were featured in a six-page spread in Elle Magazine. Since then she has worked with CoverGirl Makeup and Eyewear and Milk Boutique and has graced the pages of V Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Ellegirl Magazine, Girlfriend Magazine, Zink Magazine, In Touch Magazine, Celebrity Living Magazine, People Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Golf For Women Magazine and Vanidades Magazine.

In February 2006 she appeared on the cover of ElleGirl Magazine. She also graced the covers of the March 2006 edition of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, the April 2006 edition of Lemonade Magazine and Vanidades Magazine.

She walked the runway at the Alice & Olivia Fashion Show 2006, The Society of Young Philanthropists Gala/Fashion Show 2006, and Fashion For Life Benefit Show 2006. She also modeled for VIGOSS U.S.A. Jeans, and Ford Fusion.

Nicole Linkletter was featured in the spread for Elle Singapore in May 2009. In May 2009 she appeared with two male models on the cover of CLEO Malaysia May issue.

Nicole has walked for many fashion shows which includes; Gharani Strok Fashion show, Alice and Olivia (Fall 2006), Fashion for Life Benefit Show 2006, The Society of Young Philanthropists Gala/Fashion Show 2006, Italian Trade Commission Spring 2007 for Grimaldi Giardina Spring 2007, Rozae Nichols Spring 07, Bebe (Spring 2007), Juan Carlos Obando Spring 07 and Maria Bianca Nero.

Nicole guest starred on the internet talk show Covergirl’s Talk Model, she did “My Life as a Covergirl” segments. She reported on Fashion Week while hosting a series of segments for VH1.

Nicole Linkletter has appeared on E! news modeling summer shorts from Alice & Olivia and also modeled for the E! Pre-Oscar show. Nicole was featured on Cycle 11’s Top Models in Action. In 2010 she was featured model on the Forever 21 website. She was a judge during the Miss USA 2006 pageant

Nicole Linkletter Instagram

Nicole Linkletter Interview

How do you manage modeling and school?

Nicole Linkletter: It’s intense. After the show, I wanted to take a year and a half off and just work. That was a really good decision. This semester, I took mostly night classes and some online. I had one early-morning class, and I missed a lot for work. I learned my lesson on that one – you have to take night classes.

Be honest. Do you miss North Dakota?

Nicole Linkletter: Yeah, of course I do! The people really are dramatically different here (in Los Angeles) as opposed to North Dakota. I definitely don’t miss the harsh winters, but it’s hard, especially right now around Christmas, because I miss the snow and my family.

What’s going on with your career now?

Nicole Linkletter: I left Elite agency and signed with Nous (pronounced “new”). Recently, I completed the fall print campaign for a clothing company, Volcom. I like working. I like print shoots, and I like doing editorials for magazines where the photos tell a story.

How many runway shows have you done?

Nicole Linkletter: Quite a few, but runway doesn’t pay as well as print. Because of school, I haven’t done all the shows I could have done. I did a few shows at fashion week, and I do probably one every two weeks.

Watching you on “America’s Next Top Model,” it looked like runway was a rush for you. Is that still true?
(Laughs) It’s just walking, you know? I think I dramatized it for the show a little bit. But it’s fun. I love trying on clothes. I love fashion. But yeah, the walking part is just fine.

Have you met North Dakota’s other top model, CariDee English (Fargo, cycle 7 winner)?

Nicole Linkletter: No, actually, I haven’t, sadly. I never got to meet her. I was unable to make the wrap party, so there was never a chance to run into her. Sometimes, I see people from the show, not so much from my season, but once in awhile, I see Eva (winner “ANTM” cycle 3) in L.A. But I don’t keep in touch with anyone from the show.

Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?

Nicole Linkletter: I like designers Chanel and Yves St. Laurent. They are amazing to look at every season. And I like the model Lily Cole. I think she has a beautiful face.

Every season of Top Model, the girls have had make overs. When you were on the show, Tyra gave you extensions to give you thicker hair. If you had to give yourself a dramatic makeover, what would you do?

Nicole Linkletter: I would love to cut bangs, but I’m a bit scared. My hair takes forever to grow.

Has there been anything you’ve modeled that in your heart of hearts you found embarrassing?

Nicole Linkletter: Yeah, there’s always stuff you don’t want to wear. I mean, nothing too crazy, just fashion you don’t really like. But you put it on anyway and tell the client you like it.

The fashion world has a lot of issues with body image. Some runway shows have outlawed models who are deemed “too skinny.” People have even called Tyra Banks fat! What do you think about body image in the fashion world?

Nicole Linkletter: I do think that people of all sizes and races should be better represented. I feel like the Dove Real Beauty campaign is great. Everyone should be represented like that. To be totally honest, I haven’t felt a lot of that pressure, and this sounds really dumb, but I’m naturally thin; that’s how my body is. It’s been easy for me to stay a certain weight, but I do see girls who struggle with it, and it’s not fun.

During the show, you were put in crazy situations. They suspended you from wires and had photo shoots with Steve-O from MTV’s “Jackass.” Have photo shoots since been as odd?

Nicole Linkletter: They’re a lot more normal for sure. When I worked in Japan for the cosmetic company Shiseido, I had a shoot where I was wearing the most intense crazy makeup ever. But even that isn’t that odd.

Cycle 9 of “Top Model” just ended, and the winner, Saleisha, already is being discussed negatively on Internet forums. How do you deal with public scrutiny?

Nicole Linkletter: That sucks, but you don’t listen to that. Hollywood is like high school. I’m glad I didn’t listen to people who put me down. In third grade, I was watching the Miss USA Pageant, and I told my friend at the time, “Wow, that’s my dream, to be Miss USA.” She told me, “You’ll never be Miss USA because you’re not pretty enough.” But you can’t let other people bring you down. (In 2006, Linkletter was a judge for the Miss USA Pageant.)

You mentioned you had a boyfriend. How does he fit into your crazy, whirlwind lifestyle?

Nicole Linkletter: When you find someone you like, you make time.

Can I ask more about him, or shall we protect the innocent?

Nicole Linkletter: (Laughs) Yeah, we’ll protect the innocent.

What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited?

Nicole Linkletter: I loved Japan. Tokyo was amazing, I didn’t want to leave. I worked a lot, and it was a great experience. I also really liked Amsterdam, which is kind of random. It’s such a pretty place, and people overlook it. I had a blast there; you can walk everywhere and see the canals. It’s so chill.

“Top Model” has been immensely popular with young girls and women. Tyra Banks often talks about looking for role models. How have you stepped into this role?

Nicole Linkletter: I think it’s about just doing the right thing and giving back. I am involved in this nonprofit called Green for Teens, where we’ll be teaching young kids about environmentally friendly living. It’s always fun to meet young girls.

Do you have an ultimate goal within the entertainment industry?

Nicole Linkletter: My goals change a lot because I get excited about different things at different times. For a while, I was really interested in real estate; that’s how I got involved with Green for Teens because a friend of mine built homes in the Hollywood Hills that were green. Right now, school is most important. I’m taking some acting classes, and I want to continue modeling. I love dipping into different things, but overall, I don’t really know yet.