Phil Gomez Biography and Career

Reporting diligently from the heart of Santa Cruz newsroom for KSBW Action News 8, the seasoned journalist Phil Gomez stands as a paragon of excellence in the realm of television journalism.

With a commendable academic background, Phil pursued his passion for journalism at San Jose State University, where he honed his skills and earned a degree in Journalism, specializing in the captivating realm of television news.

Phil’s illustrious career is a testament to his profound knowledge and mastery of the field, having worked with esteemed networks such as KERO in Bakersfield, KOLO in Reno, Nevada, KSBY in San Luis Obispo, Calif., and KNTV and KRDO in Colorado Springs, Colorado, enriching his expertise in the craft.

Since 1997, Phil has been a stalwart reporter for KSBW, dedicating the majority of his time to covering the events and stories unfolding in Santa Cruz County. However, his unyielding commitment occasionally leads him to embark on assignments in various locales across the Central Coast, showcasing the breadth of his journalistic prowess.

While many associate him solely with his current surroundings, few are aware that Phil’s origin lies across the pond in Herefordshire, England, in close proximity to the vibrant city of London. Having migrated to the United States during his childhood, Phil’s roots are now firmly intertwined with the captivating tapestry of Santa Cruz County, where he finds solace in the company of his beloved girlfriend, Debbie. Their home is blessed with the presence of a delightful Border Collie-Aussie Shepard mix named Augie, and a charmingly cross-eyed Maine Coon cat affectionately known as Macaroni.

Phil’s remarkable work in television journalism has garnered him a plethora of well-deserved accolades. Among his achievements are The Colorado awards, recognizing his exceptional investigative series on prison gangs and Kids Who Kill, as well as the prestigious California State Fair Award, commemorating his exemplary coverage of the 1983 floods in Santa Cruz County. Additionally, Phil’s creative flair shone in an unusual feature story, where local personalities bared their souls for a charitable cause by posing nude for a calendar, further exemplifying his commitment to his community.

In his own words, Phil humbly acknowledges the significant impact his colleagues and the industry have had on him. Every day serves as an opportunity for growth and learning, which he warmly embraces with unyielding enthusiasm.

Beyond the newsroom, Phil finds respite in a variety of sports, being an ardent Bay Area fan and an unwavering devotee of the esteemed Liverpool Soccer Club. His heartfelt appreciation extends to the loyal viewers of KSBW, and he extends an open invitation to approach him whenever sighted, inviting warm interactions with those who have come to admire his remarkable work.

Indeed, Phil Gomez’s unwavering dedication, his inquisitive spirit, and his genuine love for his craft have solidified his status as a beacon of journalistic integrity and a cherished member of the Santa Cruz community.