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Rick Westhead, an acclaimed investigative journalist, holds the position of Senior Correspondent within the TSN network. His primary role involves breaking news and producing original content across various TSN platforms.

Through his contributions to TSN.ca and reporting on SPORTSCENTRE, Westhead fearlessly tackles controversial topics in the world of sports and sports business. He dives deep into these issues, uncovering the latest developments and providing his unique perspective on the matter at hand.

Before joining TSN, Westhead made significant contributions as a foreign affairs writer for the Toronto Star, where he also covered sports business extensively. This experience honed his skills in examining the intersection of sports and broader societal issues.

Over his impressive 20-year career, Westhead has reported on a wide range of sports-related matters. Notably, he has shed light on the inner workings of the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) and the renewed efforts for unionization within the CHL (Canadian Hockey League).

To stay connected with Rick Westhead’s investigative work and analysis, sports enthusiasts can follow him on Twitter, where he shares updates and engages with the audience.

In summary, Rick Westhead’s role as TSN’s Senior Correspondent highlights his expertise in investigative journalism within the realm of sports. His knack for uncovering important stories and providing a unique perspective has earned him recognition and respect.

Through his work, Westhead contributes valuable insights and keeps audiences informed on the latest developments in sports and sports business.

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