Rosalind Chin Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

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Rosalind Chin is a highly regarded reporter for Bloomberg Television, specializing in delivering insightful reports on business and current affairs throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Hong Kong, she is at the forefront of covering key events and providing comprehensive analysis.

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With her extensive experience, Rosalind has reported from the frontlines of major events across the region. Her coverage includes the trial of Samsung’s J.Y. Lee, the impeachment of South Korea’s former president Park Geun-hye, China’s National People’s Congress meetings, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy “Occupy” demonstrations, and Art Basel Hong Kong. Through her in-depth reporting, Rosalind brings these events to life for viewers, offering valuable perspectives and analysis.

As a skilled field producer, Rosalind has overseen notable assignments for Bloomberg Television. She played a crucial role in conducting an exclusive interview with Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Medan, covered Malaysian elections, and reported on World Economic Forum meetings in Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and China. Additionally, Rosalind served as a series producer for Bloomberg’s talk show series, “High Flyers,” further showcasing her versatility and expertise.

Before joining Bloomberg Television, Rosalind held esteemed positions with prominent news organizations such as CNN, Reuters, and the BBC World Service. Her diverse background has equipped her with a deep understanding of global affairs and a keen ability to deliver compelling stories.

Rosalind, originally from London, has a strong educational foundation. She earned her Masters in Pacific Asian Studies from the School of Oriental & African Studies at London University, and she holds an undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics. These academic achievements have undoubtedly contributed to her deep knowledge and nuanced reporting on the Asia-Pacific region.

With her profound understanding of the business landscape and current affairs in the region, Rosalind Chin continues to be a valuable asset to Bloomberg Television. Her dedication to delivering accurate and engaging reports ensures that audiences receive timely and comprehensive coverage of significant events shaping the Asia-Pacific region.