Ryan Harper Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

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Ryan Harper Wiki

Ryan Harper is an AP-Award Nominated Real-Time Traffic reporter for NEWS 13. He is based in the Orlando area market. With Spectrum News 13, Ryan is able to navigate people around traffic jams helping them save time.

Ryan Harper

Ryan Harper Biography

Ryan was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. His passion journalism most probably came as he saw his father and uncle with their own radio station. Later, he would work with them as a morning news anchor for the station. He studied at the Florida State University.

One of his earliest works was when he was still attending Florida State University. He worked on the side as a reporter for Tallahassee’s NPR station. After his graduation, he became an area radio sideline reporter for Orlando Magic for the 2006 to 2006 season. He served for a significant amount of time here until he decided to move to cover the news.

For his news career, he has worked in several conditions including television, sometimes on radio, and even from a helicopter. He has covered news in Orlando for more than six years till from the time he joined. Of late, he has been working for Spectrum News 13.

Here, he has gone through the streets of Orlando as the station’s Real Time Traffic Reporter. His work has helped many residents save time by avoiding traffic jams, due to this, they have brighter mornings.

Outside news and reporting, he is a fan of many sports teams in his state. Along with this, he is also a big fan of the Seminoles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Rays and, of course, the Orlando Magic.

Ryan Harper Family

Ryan is married to a woman named Elise. Most of the time, the couple is seen together at the area theme parks, hanging out with friends. Sometimes, they are seen somewhere close by or inside their house in Orlando. They stay with their cat named Mater. During his free time, he plays basketball.

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