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Scott Chesner Wiki

Scott Chesner is an American Journalist who grew up in New Jersey and remembers his mother taking him to the window to watch for the first snowflakes whenever snow was in the forecast.

Scott Chesner Biography and Career Life

Chesner says he became fascinated with the weather and began to watch it very closely, at times he says even out-forecasting the National Weather Service as a young boy.

Chesner forecast weather for Penn State’s local radio station and also made weekly forecasts for the University’s newspaper. He began working for AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania, while still a junior at Penn State and was added to their weather forecasting team shortly after graduation in May 1977.

Scott’s first TV gig came in April 1981 when KXAS in Dallas hired him as a weekend meteorologist and science reporter. He had the good fortune of being able to work with the man who was known by many in the southwestern U.S. as the “World’s Greatest Weatherman,” Mr. Harold Taft, who had been at KXAS (formerly known as WBAP) since 1949. Scott worked side by side with Harold Taft from 1981 until 1991.

Scott continued to work at KXAS until January 2004. Then, after free-lancing for both KTAL in Shreveport and KTEN in Sherman-Denison, he joined KETK in January 2006 as chief meteorologist. Chesner says this is his dream job as he has been reunited with his old friend and now boss, Neal Barton, who is also a meteorologist and now the News Director of KETK.

To this day, Scott continues to enjoy the challenges of forecasting East Texas weather. He also enjoys meeting many of his East Texas viewers on a daily basis. Scott has two grown daughters, Christi and Aubrey Chesner.

For the first foray in a new studio, Chesner’s weather segment went well. As long as he’s done weather, one show is pretty much like another, whether he’s doing it from Ft. Worth, Sherman, or Tyler.

Little in the way of hoopla welcoming the new weatherman. Neal Barton confined his “come on in” comments to “nice to have you here, Scott,” and this may be by design so as not to draw too much attention to John Adams’ departure. There was a Chesner/WX promo about six minutes into the newscast but little else made of Chesner’s arrival.

In throwing the WX segment to Chesner, Barton (force of habit, no doubt) almost referred to Chesner as John Adams but caught himself.

The most notable problem is the studio lighting on the weather set. Hope production/lighting people can reset the plot because the horribly wrong set lighting left Chesner’s eyes looking more like two black spots painted on his face. No detail in the eye sockets at all. Even tried cranking up the brightness level on the picture and that only made the situation worse. The inadequate lighting job really made him look more like Dracula–certainly not Scott’s fault but the studio techs are going to HAVE to work on the problem and help him out.

All in all, not a bad first time at bat. Soon as he “burns in” to the environment of a new studio and people, much better times no doubt are ahead. But, lighting people, give him some help. Mercy.

Scott Chesner Age

Chesner was born on May 28, 1955.

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