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Stacey Horst Wiki

Stacey Horst is an American Journalist, photographer, editor, producer, reporter, and News anchor. Stacey Horst has been an integral leader of the KCCI 8 News team since 2005.

Stacey Horst Biography and Career Life

She anchors the station’s evening newscasts at 5, 6 and 10p, as well as the Sunday morning public affairs program, KCCI 8 News Close Up.

Horst attended and graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in Journalism and Psychology. Prior to her time at KCCI, Stacey was recruited to launch a new 24-hour news channel in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she anchored their weeknight news. Her career has also included stints as a photographer, editor, producer, reporter and anchor at stations in Sioux City, Ottumwa/Kirksville, and Charlottesville, Virginia.

Horst grew up on a family farm near Wall Lake and attending the University of Iowa, Stacey’s career took her to various locations, including Sioux City, Ottumwa/Kirksville, Charlottesville, Virginia and Raleigh, North Carolina. Joining KCCI brought her home to central Iowa.

In her position as the main anchor, Stacey sees herself as an advocate for Central Iowans, with access to ask questions of lawmakers & politicians that viewers want the answers to. In Stacey’s work with Close Up, she covers issues from Washington, D.C. to the Iowa Statehouse, to Main Street.

Iowa’s first in the nation Caucuses play a major role in Stacey’s work at KCCI. In addition to anchoring extensive live coverage on Caucus night and explaining the results and process to viewers, Stacey has moderated primary debates for the 3rd Congressional District and the U.S. Senate. She has interviewed presidential candidates, members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, governors, lieutenant governors, and various state lawmakers.

Recently, Stacey participated in a historic meeting at the White House. She was honored to be one of 15 journalists invited to attend dinner with the President and his advisors in the State Dining Room. The White House called it the “first of its kind” meeting between a sitting President and members of local television affiliates from across the country.

Other notable assignments include introducing Central Iowans to Stephen Colbert in an exclusive interview as he prepared to relaunch The Late Show in 2015. She also interviewed Katie Couric in 2006 as she was poised to be the first woman to solo anchor a network evening news show, the CBS Evening News.

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