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Stana Katic Biography

Stana Katic was born in Hamilton, Canada as Stana Jacqueline Katic. She is a Canadian-American film and television actress. Katic played Kate Beckett on the ABC television romantic crime series Castle (2009–2016) and Agent Emily Byrne in the thriller series Absentia (2017–present).

Stana Katic Age

Stana Katic was born on 26 April 1978 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She is 40 years old as of 2019.

Stana Katic  Family | Stana Katic Sister

Katic was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, to Croatian Serb family, father Peter Katic and mother Rada Katic. She is the oldest of all her four brothers and one sister. Katic has dual citizenship in the United State and Canada.

 Stana Katic Husband

Katic is married to her longtime boyfriend, Kris Brkljac, a business efficiency consultant, in a private ceremony in Croatia since 25 April 2015.

Stana Katic Children

Katic and her husband Kris Brkljac dont have any children.

Stana Katic Height

Stana Katic is a Canadian-American film and television actress, she stands at a height of 5′ 9″ tall.

Stana Katic Image

Stana Katic Image

Stana Katic Career

Stana Katic got a job in a department store as a furniture seller and was able to afford an apartment. Somehow after that, she got a chance to meet up with her manager and started making her move towards the television and movies.

Her acting career has started with the starting role as Annie in big screen flicks ‘Acid Flicks’ in 1999. Since then she has been working on and on in movies and television series till today’s date gaining name and fame living a luxurious lifestyle in Los Angeles. Her career started to blossom when she was landed with the lead detective role in crime television series ‘Castle’. Katic has been nominated for many awards and has successfully won awards like TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites Awards, PRISM Award, and People’s Choice Award.

Katic has established her own production company Sine Timore Production in 2008 as well as a non-profit Alternative Travel Project in 2010. Currently, it’s found that she is filming the movie ‘Cadaver’.she got a job in a department store as a furniture seller and was able to afford an apartment. Somehow after that, she got a chance to meet up with her manager and started making her move towards the television and movies.

Stana Katic Net Worth

Stana Katic is a Canadian actress who has an estimated net worth of $12 million dollars.

Stana Katic Movies and TV shows

2013-2018 Movies

2018 The Possession of Hannah Grace
2017 Lost in Florence
2016 The Rendezvous
2013 Big Sur
2013 Superman:
2013 CBGB

2008-2011 Movies

2011 For Lovers Only
2011 The Double
2010 Truth About Kerry
2008 The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice
2008 Stiletto
2008 Quantum of Solace
2008 The Spirit

1999-2007 Movies

2007 Feast of Love
2005 Pit Fighter
2003 Shut-Eye
1999 Acid Freaks

Stana Katic New Show

  • Absentia 2017
  • Shut Eye 2016-2017
  • The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice 2008

Stana Katic Castle

Stana Katic starred in the Castle an American crime-comedy-drama television series where she played the role of Katherine “Kate” Beckett portraying an NYPD homicide detective.

Stana Katic Absentia

Stana Katic starred in the Absentia an American thriller drama television series playing the role of Emily Byrne portraying a former FBI special agent. The series tells the story of FBI agent Emily Byrne who disappears without a trace while hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers, and she is declared dead in absentia.

Stana Katic Quantum Of Solace

Quantum of Solace is a 2008 British spy film, where Stana Katic appeared in playing the role of Corrine Veneau portraying a Canadian agent and Yusef’s latest target.

Stana Katic Video

Stana Katic Twitter

                      Stana Katic Interview

                  Published:  Jan 27, 2018


How would you describe Season Five of Castle?

Season five is cheeky. It’s got its tongue placed firmly in its cheek. Castle [played by Nathan Fillion] and Beckett are finally together, and now they have to navigate what that means when nobody in the precinct is allowed to know. The NYC police department has a strict policy about co-workers dating. It’s not allowed.

How do you feel about Castle and Beckett being together at last?

I think it was definitely time for them to be together. And I’m glad they are. I’ve always been of the opinion that they belong together. This season, I’m excited that we get to see them navigate what it means for them to be together. Plus, we’re going to explore some of the other characters as well. It’s a really fun and interesting season.

Why does the chemistry between you and Nathan Fillion work so well?

Nathan Fillion has been doing television for a very long time, so he?s very comfortable when he’s working. He’s got a great sense of play, so it?s great to be able to work with someone like him because we can have fun. There are many things involved in creating really nice chemistry with a co-star? but first and foremost, it’s all about the writing. If the writing works well when you bounce back and forth with your co-star, then it lends itself to really natural chemistry.

What do you like the most about playing Beckett in Castle?

I think Becket is wonderful because she is imperfect? but in spite of her imperfections, she tries to do the right thing. She might not always get it right, but she’s trying. She’s interesting to me because she’s so complex and I think that makes her more believable in the end.

What else makes Beckett such an interesting character to play?

Beckett has a tremendous amount of integrity. She’s complex, she’s flawed and she’s not a perfect character, so there?s a lot for me to play around with as an actor. That’s great for me.

Castle enjoyed its 100th episode recently. What’s been your highlight to working on the show?

I came on to Castle very green and I’ve learned so much on this show. When you’re climbing a mountain, you focus on each step in front of you; you don’t focus on the peak? and that’s how I’ve approached it. It’s been a great education because I was very new to this type of television. Eventually, I’ll walk away with a lot of knowledge? and I’ll know what it means to have the stamina to make it to 100 episodes and beyond.

When you look back at the show in 10 years time, what memory from working on Castle will stand out the most in your mind?

I’ve got so many great memories from working on this show, but I guess the memory that will stick out the most is the amazing friendships I’ve made on this set. I’ve met some really spectacular, amazing, talented people through this project.

What about the fun cast parties? Which of them stands out for you the most?

The party for the 100th episode is one that will stand out. There were drinks and a big cake on the set ? and a lot of people were invited along to celebrate with us. I think it was especially nice that we took the moment to honor everyone that’s been a part of the project. I think that was really important. You have to take a moment and say,?Wow, cool? Did we make it this far.?

What’s been you’re a favorite episode from season 5?

Episode one. Why? Because we know that Castle and Beckett are finally together and it’s beautiful.

The show’s fans have been eager to see the couple together since the beginning of the first season. Do you think marriage is on the cards now that they are together? Or a baby?

I don’t know, but I guess we’ll see what happens. I don’t know what their ambition is with this relationship in the end. These characters might make sense as a forever couple and I hope that?s what we achieve because of that’s what we’ve been working towards, but we’ll have to see if we get that out of their story.

You’ve been very vocal in your belief that Castle and Beckett belong together. Do you get the chance to express your opinions to the writers and executive producers on the show?

I always express my opinions! Plus, they read these interviews. They know how I feel and they know how others feel, too. You know what? It’s beautiful to watch people in love. It’s also beautiful to watch people challenge each other. Some of the best movies in the world explore these ideas and I hope we continue to do that on Castle.

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