Stu Ostro  Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Stu, the Senior Director of Weather Communications and Senior Meteorologist, developed a fascination with weather and a desire to become a meteorologist due to a childhood fear of thunder and lightning.

More than four decades ago, while attending Penn State, Stu started delivering weather forecasts to the public through radio stations served by the university’s Campus Weather Service.

After earning his B.S. in Meteorology, Stu embarked on his professional career at Accu-Weather as a Forecaster, eventually rising to the position of Senior Forecaster. His role involved delivering weather forecasts on radio stations and providing predictions to clients in the television, utility, and ski industries.

Since 1989, Stu has been an integral part of The Weather Channel, serving as the Senior Director of Weather Communications and Senior Meteorologist. His responsibilities include leading weather briefings in editorial meetings and providing behind-the-scenes forecast guidance for tropical coverage.

As the only original member of the committee of three meteorologists responsible for evaluating winter storms according to the network’s naming criteria, Stu plays a key role in that process. In recent years, he has also focused on exploring connections between global climate change and smaller-scale weather patterns.

In 2018, Stu was part of the Emmy® award-nominated team for The Weather Channel’s coverage of Hurricane Harvey. He has garnered recognition for his weather-related Twitter posts, appearing on various best-of lists. Throughout his career, Stu has occasionally appeared on camera, delivered numerous public talks to audiences including emergency management personnel and fellow scientists, and provided briefings to military leadership.

In addition to his passion for weather, Stu is an enthusiast of music, independent craft beer, and strong coffee.

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