Timothy L. O’Brien Biography and Career

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Timothy L. O’Brien serves as the Executive Editor of Bloomberg Opinion, Bloomberg’s distinguished editorial platform offering insightful analysis and opinion on a wide range of topics including business, markets, politics, international affairs, finance, and significant news events shaping our world.

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Before joining Bloomberg in 2013, O’Brien held the position of Executive Editor at The HuffPost, where he provided leadership to a sizable newsroom comprising over 400 editors and reporters. His notable achievements at The HuffPost include conceptualizing, editing, and overseeing a highly acclaimed ten-part series that shed light on wounded veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, earning The HuffPost a Pulitzer Prize in 2012.

Prior to his tenure at The HuffPost, O’Brien served as the editor and overseer of The New York Times’ Sunday Business section from 2006 to 2010. His earlier experience at The Times involved reporting on international finance, geopolitics, media, technology, and various business domains.

During his time at The Times, O’Brien’s exceptional work earned him the prestigious Loeb Award for Distinguished Business Journalism in 1999. Additionally, he has contributed to publications such as The Wall Street Journal and National Geographic, showcasing his versatile expertise.

O’Brien holds a cum laude Bachelor of Arts degree in literature from Georgetown University. Furthermore, he pursued his academic endeavors at Columbia University, earning a Master of Arts degree in U.S. History, a Master of Science degree in Journalism, and an MBA. O’Brien is also an accomplished author, having written three books. His most recent work, “The Lincoln Conspiracy,” was published by Random House in 2012. He has also authored “TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald” and “Bad Bet: The Inside Story of the Glamour, Glitz, and Danger of America’s Gambling Industry.”