Tom Busby Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

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Tom Busby is a seasoned syndication reporter who lends his expertise to Bloomberg Radio, delivering reports for WBZ/Boston, KYW/Philadelphia, and various other stations.

With a rich background in both radio and television, Busby joined Bloomberg in 2019, bringing a wealth of experience to his role. Previously, he served as the assistant managing editor at CNBC and as an anchor for CNBC Radio.

Prior to that, Busby enjoyed a long tenure at NBC News, where he held the position of news producer for the esteemed morning show “Today.” In this capacity, he exercised editorial authority over the show’s hourly news segments and served as the senior editor responsible for overseeing both domestic and foreign news coverage for the network.

Before his time at NBC News, Busby held senior management positions at WNBC-TV in New York and worked as an assignment editor at WABC-TV. His passion for journalism was evident from a young age, as he began his career as a high school intern at WFAS-AM Radio in White Plains, N.Y.

It was during this time that Busby made a notable contribution to journalism by being the first to report the identity of Jean Harris, the woman arrested for the murder of Dr. Herman Tarnower, the author of “The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet.”

With his extensive background and dedication to delivering accurate and timely news, Busby continues to make valuable contributions to the field of journalism.

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