Tom Mackenzie Biography and Career

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Tom Mackenzie, based in Beijing, holds the role of anchor for “Bloomberg Markets: China Open,” a program airing on weekdays at 9am HK. He is also Bloomberg TV’s esteemed China correspondent, providing comprehensive coverage of the country’s economic transformation and rapidly evolving business landscape.

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Mackenzie’s expertise extends to conducting interviews with some of the world’s most influential business leaders, including CEOs from renowned companies such as Disney, Ford Motor Co., Morgan Stanley, Rio Tinto, Baidu, and Huawei. Additionally, he has engaged in discussions with policymakers ranging from former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan to US Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Russian Economy Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

Throughout his career, Mackenzie has covered a broad spectrum of significant stories, ranging from the impactful US-China trade war and the North Korean nuclear crisis to China’s ongoing capital market reforms. His dedication to delivering insightful reporting has allowed him to navigate complex geopolitical and economic topics with finesse.

Prior to his current position, Mackenzie served as a TV reporter in Bloomberg’s London bureau, where he focused on major political and economic events. During this time, he extensively reported on a variety of critical issues, including Greece’s debt challenges, Europe’s refugee crisis, the terrorist attacks in Paris, the oil crisis in northern Iraq, and national elections in Spain, Turkey, and the UK.

Before joining Bloomberg, Mackenzie honed his skills as a producer and reporter at CNBC, concentrating on politics and technology in the EMEA region. His career also led him to Beijing, where he immersed himself in the media landscape, working across various TV and print mediums, including the Economist Intelligence Unit, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, and the South China Morning Post.

With his wealth of experience and deep understanding of China’s business dynamics, Tom Mackenzie plays a pivotal role in delivering comprehensive and insightful coverage as an anchor and correspondent for Bloomberg TV.