Vanessa Claudio  Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

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Vanessa Claudio is a communicator, actress, and model who began her career as a beauty queen in her native Puerto Rico, representing her country and winning the first place in Miss Intercontinental.

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She earned her B.A. from the School of Communications and Public Relations at the University of Rio Piedras in Puerto Rico. She started her professional career in Puerto Rico as a TV host and later spent 13 years in Mexico, which became her second home. During her time in Mexico, she had the opportunity to participate as an actress in successful theater and TV productions, such as “Chico Conoce a Chica,” a comedy play, where she played four characters, the musical “Malas,” and the lead role in the play “Sucesos Inesperados.” She also made special appearances on TV shows like “El Pantera” and “Secretos de Familia.” She made her debut in cinema with the movie “Veinteañera, divorciada y fantástica.”

As a graduate of CEFAT (Center for Acting Preparation for Television), Vanessa is known for her natural talent for comedy and her spontaneity in hosting magazine and fashion programs. She has been part of shows like “Venga la Alegría,” “Este es mi Estilo,” “Mexicana Universal,” “Exatlon,” and “La más Draga.” In the latter, she even ventured into singing and reached the 26th position on Spotify’s 50 most viral songs in Mexico with the song “Actitud.”

As a model, she is an ambassador for renowned brands, and in 2016, she was recognized as one of the most stylish women by Estilo DF magazine. It’s no surprise that she is passionate about fashion history and fashion itself.

Vanessa Claudio is undoubtedly a 360-degree talent, and her versatility has led her to succeed on catwalks, stages, and TV screens.

She recently moved to the United States, specifically Miami, to be part of the journalistic cast of Telemundo’s show “Suelta la Sopa,” which airs from Monday to Friday.