Yetta Gibson  Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

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Yetta Gibson, an esteemed journalist and recipient of an Emmy Award, hails from Atlanta and has dedicated nearly two decades to reporting news and entertainment. Throughout her career, she has primarily served the Valley of the Sun, making a significant impact in the local media landscape.

Yetta’s journey in the ’90s commenced as a college intern, eventually leading her to become a radio news reporter for a prominent Atlanta radio station situated within the CNN Center. It was during this time that she secured an exceptional opportunity, captivating millions of listeners as part of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.

With a coast-to-coast career, Gibson has acquired a versatile skill set, which she brings to life as a dynamic and engaging presence on Arizona’s Family. Her true passion lies in narrating captivating stories, venturing out to engage with individuals within the community, and forging what she fondly refers to as a “comfortable connection” with her viewers.

A proud resident of the Valley, Gibson takes great pride in being a single mother to her two daughters, demonstrating her commitment to both her personal and professional responsibilities.

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